Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pantry Stock up Buys me time

We ran out of milk yesterday. Normally that would spur a quick trip to the grocery store but I remembered that I bought a few milk cartons from the dry goods shelf at Big Lots.

Now I have a day or two to clip coupons and plan a detailed trip to the grocery store to maximize time and savings.

If you have a Save-A-Lot nearby - signing up for their Being Well Baby club gets you some decent coupons.

**We're running low on a lot of things since I've been doing scratch cooking. Our corn meal and oats are one recipe from being empty and I just finished off another bag of wheat flour by making a loaf of bread in my bread machine. Our bread supply is low too but a loaf of bread machine bread buys us a day or two out of the grocery store.
Now we can just sit around in our Rudolph jammies (.99 thrift store) and eat candy canes. No stress here.

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