Monday, December 15, 2008

The Beauty of a New Day

I woke up to snow and ice and the news that school is cancelled today. We had a leisurely morning of pop tarts on the couch. The kids are sitting next to me in their jammies watching a Spot video.

Right now life is good- I have a full day with my kids to pick up the house, read to them, bathe them, make the two boxes of cookie mix that I found in the pantry, make a trip to the grocery store for some staples and assemble dinner. I think we're having chic patty parmesan, mashed potatoes and salad.
Chic Patty Parmesan is so easy- Take a vegetarian chic patty and coat it in spaghetti sauce on both sides- top with white cheese like mozzarella, swiss, parmesan, or provolone. Bake in a covered dish for 30 minutes at 350- we do about one patty per person. It's pricy because the patties are expensive but we all really like it.

I also intend on sipping cocoa and reading from my pile of library books during naptime. And not stressing one bit about the Christmas presents I have left unwrapped or unpurchased.

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Anonymous said...

I got side tracked this morning when leaving a very important message about using these fake chix patties for chicken salad. Just cook them in a fry pan over a low heat till they crisp up a bit. Cool them down and make chicken salad the way you might like. A couple of chix patties goes a long way with lettuce, celery, etc. In the summer, I also make macaroni salad with these for a cool pasta salad. Love the chicken patties.

(PS don't use the meatless chicken nuggets for this, too much breading!)

Anyway, I enjoy your blog...