Monday, December 29, 2008

Schnucks Grocery Trip Today

Before Coupons and $35 Gift Card from Hubby's work: $63.27
After Coupons and Gift Card (OOP): $12.33

This is in no way representative of a balanced diet or even what we need this week (which is very little). Coupons made the holiday clearance candy too irresistible. And it's great for those party favor bags I'll be assembling in a month or so for the kid's joint birthday. The advent calendar is a great way for my kid to count down the days until their February birthdays. They'll simply have to share the tiny chocolate or take turns each night. And Hubby will just have to ignore the snowflakes on his box of Valentine's day candy.


Kara said...

he he he! Lovin' the "thumbs up" :-)

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Schnucks is having an all-day educational event for Chinese New Year in the produce department on Sat. Jan. 24th. It's called Produce University. :)