Sunday, December 14, 2008

Different than last year....

My heart just isn't into Christmas this year. I'm not even done shopping or baking yet.

I've overbought all year long rather than hunting for the perfect toys at bargain prices. And I've managed to sort and fill four totes full of toys for storage (and some for donation) when I went through to find our presents for this year. I'm very disappointed in me. I won't be tallying what I spent this year because well, I don't care that much to think about it.

Oh, I'm excited for my kids and I enjoy their joy and enthusiasm for the holiday. But, I'd much rather be listening to some soothing Christmas music and sipping cocoa than wrapping another dreaded gift. And I'm missing my Grandma as I use up her vintage wrapping paper and ribbon.

As I went through the piles of new toys (with the clearance stickers still attached), I remembered an Oprah make over show where one mom had a selection of two hair bands and two mascaras to choose from for her morning routine. Of course, for the makeover all of that had to go and her quick routine was added to as her simple things were tossed in favor of hipper and more flattering beauty products. I want to envision a life where I have simple choices and no clutter filling my counters, closets or head. I want less. And all of the Christmas trappings that come with bows and ribbons are just stressing me out today.

Want to know what's on my Christmas list?

An occasional babysitting from Grandma
A back or foot rub from Hubby
A hot cup of cocoa
A bubble bath and a good novel
A good night's sleep.

What's on your Christmas list?

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Heather said...

Jenny, I totally understand. It felt so good to take all of that stuff to the consignment store on Friday, and I was so happy because they took everything except for a couple of books and two plush toys. YAY!

Do you have a consignment store in your area? If so, now is an excellent time to take stuff there, especially toys. Before Christmas, stuff sells really well.

Just an idea.