Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Present Tally

In hindsight I see that I could have spent less but, I am satisfied with this years attempt at a more frugal Christmas for my Children. My biggest expeniditure was for the Read With Me DVD set that only includes one DVD.

For the Stockings-
crackers and stuffers - (two mystery goody bags at thrift store- sorted, cleaned, and wrapped for crackers), one crayola free with rebate craft set) 1.00
candy- (two chocolate figures 2.00 apiece Dollar General) 4.00
2.50 apiece

For Big Girl:

veggie tales Sumo of the Opera Playset-2.99 (KBToys online clearance)
Little People castle - (garage sale) 2.00
Strawberry Shortcake Princess Figure- (Dollar General) 2.00
Little People Castle Figurines- (Big Lots) 10.00
Read with me DVD player - (KB Toys outlet) 15.00
3 Read With Me dvds (one from KBToys online & two from Big Lots) 13.00

Total= 47.49

For Little Guy:
Wooden Elmo puzzles- 3.00 (KBToys online clearance)
Little People Dump Truck- (KBToys online) 10.00
Wooden 8-in-one play set (puzzle, blocks etc.)- (clearance Tuesday Morning) 6.00
Sandra Boynton Counting board book- (Target- full price) 6.00
Stuffed puppy dog - (clearance Tuesday Morning) 3.00

Total= 30.50

I'm already excited about seeing how low I can go next year since typically I have spent $60-75.00 per child.


Stephanie said...

Well done!
I try to keep my eyes open for Christmas year round. Right now is a good time to pick up some deals for gift giving (Christmas or other) in 2008!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

I forgot to add the fuzzy socks for Big Girl- add 2.25 to the total.