Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's Going on Here.

This is the second day Big Girl has stayed home from school with pink eye. She feels great but still can't be around other kids. So, the kids have been active little critters.

Today I'm:
Making this bread dough in my machine. Oh my goodness- this bread is so good. It tastes a lot like Outback Steakhouse's bread. I'm glad I doubled the recipe!

Hanging a load of laundry upstairs since we still haven't bought a humidifier.

Making a grocery list to see if I have enough to bother with a $5/25 coupon or a $10 off 50.
(So far just bread machine yeast, milk, bananas, and peanuts).

Cleaning out the extra stuff from my storage container shelves and storing it in the basement.

Picking up toys so I can vacuum. Ok, so this hasn't gotten done yet. But, we did make a batch of cookies since I was heating the oven for bread. I gave the kids the bowls and spoons to lick. Little Guy used the mixing spoon to get a drink of water- out of the toilet. Blech! Blech!

Trash and recycling. Did this. We always have more recycling than trash now.

Planning and preparing dinner so we don't order out again- I'm thinking some type of salisbury sauce with bocas on noodles or rice with green beans and salad. Nah, we're just having pasta with doctored up sauce and the leftover green beans. I ate the salad for lunch.

I was in the basement putting away stockpile stuff and re-filling my bread flour canister. I took a break down there and played two games of pinball and two levels of Gauntlet Legends on our Dreamcast. This is what happen when you're married to a nerd. The kids have a lot of extra toys in the basement so they love basement time.

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