Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dumpster Diving- What do you throw out?

I spent some not so quality time watching Youtube videos on dumpster diving today. While my own experience in dumpster diving is quite limited, I find the act intriguing and I always like to know what people find lurking in those murky, dark dens.

I began to wonder if anyone could find anything usable in my own garbage. I recycle or re-use good plastic packaging. Most of what goes into my trash is dirty disposable diapers (less and less each day now that we're potty training and I'm running out of them) or food packaging that can't be recycled. I don't throw out anything that I think someone else can use.

I just gave my girlfriend a box of toys and two bags of outgrown clothes to sell in her garage sale as payment for a toy I picked up there. I use Freecycle, send to friends, or donate anything else usable. Food that can be composted gets put on top of my flower and vegetable garden. Anything else edible is so rotten no one would eat it. And just recently I cut up a pair of beloved but ratty beyond repair flannel pajama pants and made little draft blockers for my doors by stuffing them with odds and ends and unwanted, outgrown kids clothes.

While I wouldn't dare anyone to dive through my garbage- I do doubt that they would find anything usable.

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Rachel said...

I'm with you, I don't think what others would find in our garbage would be usable. We recycle and reuse a lot around here, and donate the rest.