Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back into cloth - and skipping the humidifier purchase

My supply of disposable diapers is running low.

Remember when I said I wasn't buying any more diapers? Sigh. I guess it's time I worked on potty training. I am dragging my feet. My mom suggested that I wasn't ready to give up my baby and I think she's right.

I also still have piles of cloth diapering stuff that I bought for Big Girl years ago. And it mocks me silently when I pass by it because I spent a lot of money on those diaperaps and snappis and such.
So, here we go again.


A few days ago hubby said that we should buy a humidifier for our upstairs because it gets so dry in the winter. I suggested that instead of that we buy a few dryer racks and hang our wet laundry in our rooms to dry at night. He agreed and now I just have to go get some decent drying racks.
The cheap wooden one that I bought at Target is already broken after a few uses. This time I'm going to buy the best the store has in stock.

There's a whole web page devoted to air drying your laundry. It's green, it's free, what's not to like?

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