Friday, October 10, 2008

Scaling Back Christmas.

I just informed our extended family that our Christmas giving will be a lot smaller this year. Gulp.

Hubby and I decided to put our Discover card bonuses towards paying off our mortgage. So, no more gift cards to give or shop with. Sigh. Why do I feel stingy?

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Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best in this venture. It can be VERY difficult, but do not falter.

Due to a financial hardship with one of my DH siblings, we have not bought presents for the kids in the family for years, but we still buy for his parents.

We scaled back Christmas last year. (I mean WAY back!) We gave homemade gifts. (In the past, I would always make some type of food item for all the families, AND buy things in the store, so it never seemed like the homemade stuff was part of the gift that "counted") But that was before my frugal crusade.

Last year was difficult. I mean, we had always spent a ton of money (well, a ton to us) on my in-law's presents. When we started out and first made the decision, I was STOKED! But then, as we were actually making the gifts for his folks, I digressed. I would curl up in a ball, and start rocking back and forth chanting, "Must go shopping....must go shopping..." (What was I so afraid of? Why didn't I think our gifts wouldn't be good enough?)

Thank goodness for my husband's resolve. He stuck to our newfound mission (and I am so grateful - because it was his family we were about to "insult").

Bottom line? We survived. Was it easy? No. Did we feel like we had just drop kicked the Baby Jesus out of the manger? Well....

Good luck and blessings on your journey to pay off your mortgage. I hear it is worth it...we are still chipping away at DH's college we will, once again, be making the presents.

Can't wait to see what happens this year - we became vegetarian in February.

Oh boy....