Friday, October 10, 2008

Frugality Happens

Today I:

1. Bought vintage building block toys, a Spot video, a new school shirt for Big Girl, a skirt for her next summer, a cute pair of socks, an unused (still has the instruction manual) Salton GM5 yogurt maker, a set of Clairol hot rollers, two Marjolein Bastin knickknacks for my display shelf, a set of Thomas Train Legos, a great fitting pair of Vanderbilt jeans for myself, and a barbie for Big Girl at the Feed My People Thrift store. All for less than $14. (I also dropped off a bag of free and sale purchased soup and shampoo.) I also got two compliments on my new ugly purse.

2. Bought clearance ($1) packages of panties and undershirts for the kids at Dollar General.

3. Didn't buy any take out or drive through meals for lunch.

4. Didn't go to Goodwill even though it was on my way home.

5. Hung two loads of laundry out to dry.

6. Opened the windows when it got hot outside.

7. Harvested tomatoes, basil, and a big green pepper from our tiny neglected veggie patch.

8. Started a compost bowl. I will compost something. It makes no sense for me to buy fertilizer for my vegetable garden and throw out peels and egg shells.

9. Made dinner from a frozen cheese pizza that I sale/couponed for less than $2 and added our garden veggies to it.

10. Emailed my extended family to warn them of our budget cutting Christmas shopping.

Sigh. It's a good day.

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