Sunday, September 21, 2008

Entertainment for Less

Over a year ago Hubby and I decided to downgrade our Direct TV package to the basic (cheapest) family pack for twenty dollars less a month. We missed it a little but we soon forgot what we thought we were missing. (Ok, I still miss Jon and Kate plus 8).
We also reduced our Netflix package from fifteen dollars to ten dollars a month. We didn't miss the extras at all.

So, it's a year later and we've decided to get rid of both of them. We've found that using the library to get movies and free redbox rentals is more than enough for the occasional movie night. Our tv is on PBS most of the time anyway. We can watch most shows (like Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Fringe) on the internet at the network web page so we won't miss anything. We will have to put up with a bit of advertising but it's worth it to us.

After we cancel DTV (did that today) and Netflix (will do that soon) , we will be saving almost $50 a month. I will miss Tivo but we'll live and probably be all the better for it.

FYI- when my Husband called DTV to cancel they offered to reduce our package price by ten dollars.

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Heather said...

Good for you! We canceled everything but our locals for $9.99 a month, and we've been fine with this for over a year now. We do still get Netflix though, for another $9.43 a month, but we have no entertainment budget otherwise, so we're OK with keeping it.