Saturday, September 20, 2008

Enjoyable Cents Saving and Preparing for Winter.

I spent part of my day today cleaning out the fireplace and filling it with limbs and twigs from our backyard.

I know it seems silly because the wood won't burn long but at least it will keep us a little warm and stretch our pricey (and chemically) fireplace logs that we bought last winter when our electricity when off.

I also started making a pile outside where we can grab more as needed. It's a meager start but it's something and it's free for the taking. Dryer lint works well as a firestarter. I've started keeping a few balls of it in an old egg carton in the laundry room.

Too bad we don't have any dried buffalo chips so I could pretend I was a pioneer woman. Because that would smell so good.

I also spent a little time helping Big Girl write a thank you to a little girl who sent her a Princess and the Pauper dvd. It's actually not sickly sweet like you'd expect a Barbie movie to be. Good day so far.


Heather said...

Jenny, do you burn wood often? We tend not to because it makes the house so smoky-smelling. Do you have glass fireplace doors? Maybe we need to get those, because right now we only have a screen.

Also...I have made the pizza dough with half wheat and half all-purpose flour, and it's very good.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

We really only burn wood when our electricity is out for hours (or days) at a time which seems to happen here a few times a year.
If we burnt wood more often I'm sure we'd find a cheap or free source of free haul it yourself firewood. Right now I'm just happy to find a use for all those pesky twigs and limbs in our yard.
We just have a screen too. I keep an extra close eye on the kids when the fire is lit.