Friday, August 8, 2008

Just More DeCluttering and Simplifying Thoughts

A load of toys, baby items, and boy clothes were donated yesterday leaving me with perhaps a handful of things to clear out of Big Girl's room. The house is becoming more and more manageable and easier to clean. And I don't miss one thing that I've sent on to others.
Instead, I'm ready to get to the next phase of my life where I start living in the house I want and using the things I have rather than letting the things I have use me.

Today we're returning a pair of jeans I bought at Gordman's. They were on clearance for $20 and I fell for them since they were very plain jeans. No rips, bleach spills, zippers, or anything else that's so popular now. The last thing a plus size woman needs are extra embellishments on her backside or thighs. I should have tried them on in the store. When I do try clothes on I invariably put 80% of it back because I don't like the fit. Doing that would have saved me time and effort in a return trip to the store. But since the jeans don't fit right (and I did briefly consider trying to shrink and hem them- bah!) we have to make a special trip. A ten minute visit to the dressing room would have saved me time and money. Next time.

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