Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 'Shrink Ray' and To Do list

It seems I've hit a stall lately when it comes to new ways to stretch a dollar so I've had little to blog about. Right now my biggest needs are to tackle clutter and clean my house because it's affecting me mentally.

I spent a big portion of my cleaning time decluttering and cleaning out my closet- again. I've already cleaned out and decluttered my clothes twice this year for charity drives and I keep finding more. I think this time may be the last and next time I get a call I will truthfully be able to tell them I have nothing to donate.

I know that when my house is clean I like to be in it rather than trying to escape it. For me, decluttering is a frugal activity since it keeps me home rather than out shopping.

Here's an interesting article on how companies are continuing to decrease their products and fool the consumer.

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The Cooking Lady said...

After I have healed from my upcoming back surgery, I plan on getting rid of the clutter. I am by no means a pack rat, but I have things in my closet thata have been there so long, mail is coming for that stuff. I does not say current resident, it says, 'Stack of books in closet'

I love getting rid of stuff.