Friday, April 4, 2008

"What's in your wallet?" Tally for today.

Beginning Monthly Balance: $30.00

Pizza Hut- 1.00 tip

Save-a-Lot- Gallon of FF Milk ($3.39) and 3.26 lbs. of apples (2.87) + tax= 6.45

Ending Balance for the remainder of the month: 22.55


And now I have to go make some bread in my breadmaker because we're running low and I didn't want to part with the $ for bagged generic wheat.


MoneyCommonSense said...

OK, Is it $30 a day or $30 for the month?

Rockin' Granola said...

For the end of the month? Oh, lady, I think you're having an April like we had in March!

Best Wishes and lots of luck - you CAN do it!