Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekly Menu Planner--- ?

I realized this morning that I was out of a plan for our menu line up. Somehow this week I'm less excited about figuring that out. Somehow needing to do something makes it less fun for me than wanting to do something.

Monday- Breakfast- kids and I ate reheated pancakes and a handful of dried cereal (milk to drink)
Hubby microwaved a veggie patty and put it on two stale-ish heels of bread. (and then asked me nicely to go buy some bread- hence the trip to Aldis)

Lunch- Hubby packed pizza leftovers. Little Guy ate at daycare. Big Girl and I had English muffin
sandwiches with the last of our fancy sharp Vermont cheddar and the last two pieces of veggie 'lunch meat'. Water to drink

Dinner- Brown Rice stir fried with a beaten little egg, soy sauce and frozen green peas. There will be leftover heated pea soup that will go nicely on top for the adults. Pudding for dessert.

Tuesday- Breakfast- kids- yogurt with cereal- milk & coffee (Mom). Hubby- half of Big Girl's yogurt and some cereal. Mom- small bowl of cereal.

Lunch- Kids and Mom- leftover spaghetti and rice with leftover pea soup on top.

Dinner- Restaurant food.

- Breakfast- kids and Mom- cereal with milk. Hubby- microwaved veggie burger.

Lunch- Taco Bell.

Dinner- Lasagna roll ups, roasted asparagus, doggy bagged rolls from our restaurant meal and leftover pudding.

Thursday- Breakfast- Mom & Kids- yogurt with cereal or oatmeal mixed in. cocoa/milk to drink.

Lunch- Grilled cheese- cream cheese/pb celery sticks with raisins- watered down juice

Dinner- Thai peanut noodles with broccoli.

Friday- Breakfast- Oatmeal

Lunch- Vegetable soup and crackers

Dinner- Pizza

That's about as far as I can get right now..
What I do know is soon I'll have to make sweet potato pie and Friday night is pizza night.

I'll post more later when I have time and after a good look through our food stores.

I am daydreaming about salad lately.

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