Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Birthday Party dilemna

Big Girl talked me into another big birthday party this year even though I told myself I wouldn't do it like that two years in a row. She requested the same party as last year. I gave in because the idea of planning a birthday party for 38 people at my house the week before we have house guests and leave on a week long overseas trip gives me hives. She also has to share the birthday party with her little brother who turns 2 a week after her birthday.

The party is only for twenty people- 10 kids/10 adults. There are 13 children in her preschool class and we have another two or three families to invite. And grandparents if they want to come. There is an additional charge for each person over that 20 mark.
I don't want to risk offending any of the preschoolers by not inviting them. I don't want to leave our family friends out either. What to do? Suck it up and pay for it? Limit the number and risk offending someone?

Even with the added charges if everyone comes that we invite it's still cheaper than the other two birthday party options outside of my own house. Plus, all I have to do is supply a cake, candle, and a serving knife.

I unsure I'll attempt decorating my own cake. I might go with the giant Costco sheet cake like we did last year. Goody bags will be simple affairs with a water squish ball (ordered in bulk), clearance candy, and maybe a few other toys. Since it's a swimming party the only activity I'm bringing is pin the tail on the donkey.

It feels like I'm giving up on any frugal/creative ways to celebrate their birthdays but someday I hope to achieve the $25 Dacyczyn birthday blow out with a homemade birthday cake but- not this year.

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