Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Minute Gift Giving

A trip to Big Lots 30% off closing sale prompted me to buy gifts for my sons two babysitters. He's only there for two half days a week so I didn't feel it was necessary to join in the gift card fund with the other parents. But, they do take good care of him so I thought small tokens of my appreciation were probably a nice thing to do.

I found Bigelow English Breakfast tea and packages of fancy chocolate tea biscuits to go with them for 1.10 apiece. I added a Christmas tea towel from the stack that I bought in bulk when K-Mart had them marked for .59. I attached a metal clearance cookie cutter (.12 and .32 each on clearance) to the ribbon on the package. Each gift ends up being around $3.00. I added a Christmas card with a thank you note.

And I think that is officially the last gift I should buy.


Stephanie said...

Wow great deals!

Tread Softly said...

I am envious of your gift giving prowess. Oh, to have everything wrapped...

Deb said...

Thanks for the visit and tip about running the orange and grapefruit peels down the garbage disposal after they've been simmering with some cinnamon.

Great idea.

I like you blog and it will take me some time to go through all that you have.

Happy Holidays,

Deb at Keep It Cheap