Thursday, December 20, 2007

Boiled in my own Pudding with a Merry Christmas on my lips.

Ok, I've made the Scrooge pack her bags.

I finished my necessary Christmas baking for the neighbors tins (and bags). I revised my menu a little bit to fit my time needs. I made orange flavored fudge topped with pecans, sugar cookies, m&m walnut cookies, and oatmeal scotchie bars. I filled in any holes with a few starlight mints and a peanut butter bon bon or two for the bigger bags. The tins came from Goodwill. The bags were an after Christmas clearance purchase. The tea tins were 1.00 apiece from Big Lots. I used recycled ribbon from Christmas presents my SIL sent last year. I think the total cost per tin was 2.00 apiece. The bags were probably one dollar or less (no tea tins).

This year my husband is making the deliveries with Big Girl. She plans on caroling them with a song of her own making. She sang one for me and it was cute so I think that's better than our standard jingle bells. Although who could resist a little girl with a red nose from the cold bringing you cookies and singing you a made up carol? I mean, really?

Here's a picture of Little Guy playing in the snow we got last weekend. It's been melting since but it was nice to have as a pre-Christmas herald.

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jonceramic said...

Oh, that was so much fun! Thanks honey for making those. It's amazing house people melt into smiles with neighborly cheer. If you folks aren't giving tiny tokens of holiday cheer to your neighbors, you're really missing out. Add in a sweet little girl singing a Christmas carol, and even the hardest of hearts cracks a big smile.