Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Furry Introduction

Despite over 100 blogs (geez, I sure can write a lot about not much) I don't think I've mentioned 3 important members of my family.
But, you see they are mostly nocturnal and not awake (and therefore in my eye line or fore thoughts) when I am blogging. I'm talking about our three cats- Chloe, Mr. Fusty, and Izzy.

Chloe is the quiet one.. until she's out of fresh water. She's pretty persnickety about her litter too. She once pooped in the living room two feet away from me to show me it was time to clean the litter. I've had her longer than I've had my husband.
She turned 12 this year. She's turned traitor on me as she used to sleep by my head and now every night waits for me to leave my daughters room after tuck-in so she can get a good place at her feet. She also has a thing for hair. Especially wet hair.

And then there's my immovable mass of sweet orange fur- Mr. Fusty. Or Fustus Aurelius Pohlius if you're being formal. He's eleven and huge. Like fifteen pounds (or six pounds overweight). I don't think it's from overeating.. I think it's from lack of movement. But, he's very snuggly.

Last but not least is the Queen Bee Cat- Izabelle or Izzy. She was a street smart, foxy little stray that used to sleep in our neighbors broke down car until we took her in when she was six months old. She's ruled the roost ever since. She and Fusty have a love/hate relationship. She loves that he doesn't move very fast so he's a good target for an attack. He also occasionally gets a head cleaning but that depends on if she's in a good mood or not. Could go either way with her. She sleeps at our feet every night and gets really testy if you move around too much. She also has sharp teeth. She's got a soft spot for Little Guy as she'll let him lay right on top of her and do nothing more than whine and hiss even though I'm sure he's squashing her.

She also has a major thing for Rock-N-Roll Elmo. Rock stars get all the love don't they? We moved Elmo to the downstairs play area so now they can have more alone time. At least she has the decency to be ashamed.


WorksForMom said...

I love the furballs! =^..^=

Tread Softly said...

Very cute. Also, I love your curtains shown in the top photo.