Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Face Is Spending My Fortune- Make Out 2014 and Project Pan

I am finally getting around to my New Years Resolutions.

My first and most important one is to stop buying any personal care products or cosmetics for a complete year.  I have gone a lot crazy with Dollar Tree make up hauls,,,,, etc.  

I will not purchase any of these items until February 13th, 2015.   The only exceptions will be my Birchbox and Ipsy subscriptions (which I plan on cancelling in the next few months) and anything I have used up completely.  For example, if I use up a mascara I cannot buy another if I have another tube in stock.  I mean I need to be completely out of that particular thing.

Any gift items or free samples that come in the mail will not be counted.

I am looking forward to "hitting pan" on many of my items.  I plan on making a list of items to repurchase as I use products up. 

This is scary but also kind of exciting.  A year is a long time but I've got so much stuff to use up.
Here we go.

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