Thursday, February 13, 2014

Adding to the List of No Buys

No Buys

Purses, Handbags, Wallets, etc.  
I will not purchase another until this date a year from today- February 13, 2015.

I will not purchase any jewelry for a year.  I am allowed to make anything I want with what I have on hand though.

Storage Containers

I will use all the available storage containers I have or make do with homemade ones for the next year.

Low Buys and Slow Buys

I will burn all of my candles completely before I purchase a new one.  This includes tea lights and wax melts.  I will use up all my incense and air fragrances.   I don't think it will take me a full year so I am allowing myself to repurchase when my supply is gone.

I will allow myself two new pairs of shoes for the next twelve months.  No more.

I can get books from the library but I must read and get rid of a dozen personal books before I can buy a new one.  I will need to keep a list and keep track of this.  I consider books listed on paperbackswap as being the same as donated.

This list doesn't leave me much to purchase for myself.   Perhaps I can spend my time doing other things I enjoy like gardening or walking my dogs.  Shopping has been my go to entertainment for way too long.  Time to embrace a healthy change.

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