Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Tiny Baby Princess Has Turned Into A Goth Gal

The era of buying ahead when I see a good deal is pretty much over.  My almost ten year old girl -is not having it- anymore.  No more pastels.  No more puppy dog prints.  No more anything cutesy or girly. 

I filled a laundry basket with clothes that she doesn't like.  Yes, I could make her wear them anyway.  She would do it so she wouldn't hurt my feelings.  She is a nice kid like that.  But, I do think she should have a lot of say over what she wears as long as it's appropriate and covers her parts.  She's allowed to express her individuality.  I know what it's like to have to wear clothes you don't like.  It's no fun.

So, I turned to Thred Up to help me find plain black and red clothes for her.  I've always had good luck with my purchases from there.  Today I bought eight kid's items for about $40 including shipping and I ordered a bag to fill with our outcasts. 

There are some pretty good coupon codes for first time users.  If you go through this link we can both get $10 on our next purchases too.

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