Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Checking In- Just Rambling On

Seems as though I'm a once a month blogger now.

We haven't finished cleaning up our old house to sell yet.  It's so close.  I have to tell you that I'm so glad it's the last time I have to clean that house.  Every room upstairs and down has white doors and white railing- so much area to dust and for little fingers to smudge.  It's a pretty nightmare.
Anyway,  my Mom left me enough money that we are financially able to pay off that mortgage this month!  Yay!  And once it's sold that money will hopefully get us enough to pay off our new house.  I just need to push myself to get it done and listed.   Because we've never been this close to being debt free. 

Today I am at home with my sick boy.  I have started searching job ads and thinking about returning to school to get more marketable skills.   I would like to have a part time job to get me out of the house and to make a little money for our retirement/savings.  Honestly, I loved being at home with the kids and I miss having them with me every day.  But, now that they are in school all day it seems like I should be doing more with myself.   Also, I'm not sure how well it will work out since I'm the parent on call for sick days, errands, and the weekends/night when my husband has to work.  His new job is satisfying for him on many levels but the hours he's working significantly cut into family time.  It's a good thing I am home.  I don't know.  I honestly don't. 

Tonight I am in charge of my daughter's Girl Scout meeting.  We're working on a service project by writing letters to soldiers and children in the hospital.   My daughter's new girl scout troop experience is pretty dissatisfying.  They don't get sashes or vests and no one bothers with badges.  This is only our second service project of the year and we've had no field trips.   I really don't want to be in charge of the troop either so I don't feel like I can really complain.  None of the other moms are upset by this lack of organization either.   Anyone have any ideas for me here?  This is our third year with GS and I've always been a peripheral part of it.  My daughter said she's not that interested in doing it again next year because the troop doesn't do much but I think it is such a positive thing and it has helped her meet new girls at her new school.  

Better go check on my sick munchkin.  He's actually in the mood to snuggle today so I am missing out.  So little time left when they'll actually cuddle with me.  Time flies when you don't know you're having fun.  

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