Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christmas Already?!?

It's true that seeing Halloween candy next to Christmas decor in the shopping aisle bugs me silly.  But, it's also true that I start Christmas shopping very early.  I hate being out in the stores anytime after Thanksgiving.  God forbid I have to step foot in a mall during the holidays.  Panic attack, anyone? 
So, I've been gathering stuff for my family here and there for the last few months.  Remaindered perfume gloss for a dollar at Payless (and I have a 20% off coupon) got put away for a stocking.  Free beaded bracelets I got with my swagbucks are going to my nieces.  They don't look cheap at all.  I used my swapadvd credits to get a brand new movie for someone too.  It still had a factory seal on it.  I used an amazon gift card gleaned from swagbucks to help buy a Timex watch for my son.  I almost have enough Disney Movie Rewards credits (almost all found on email newsletters and freebie sites) to get something worthwhile.

I still have to fill in the blanks here and there with some fun freebies.  But, I just printed out a coupon for a free bag of Lindor truffles.  Now is the time to start signing up for freebies to fill those stockings.  Last year I got packs of gum from our local gas station by filling out a questionnaire.  Great for my gum loving kids. 

If you're short on funds you can still fill a Chrismtas stocking for almost no money.  The trick is to get started right now.

 Here's a few sites that I love to browse for freebies and goodies:


Freebies 4 Mom

STL Mommy

And here's a link to an old post I did on stocking stuffer ideas.

If it's still warm enough outside for garage sales you might try the freebie boxes too.  I just had my own garage sale and can say honestly that I put some pretty good stuff in those freebie boxes.  I sold the other kids toys for a song also.


lizzie said...

Now your cookin !
I hate the malls too and only go in December if all my gifts are bought and I want to hear carol singers.
Great planning.

Heather said...

Darn it! I missed out on the Lindor Truffles. And Bee had those on her birthday list too!