Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I've been squirrelling away stocking stuffers for months. My favorite part of Christmas morning is watching everyone dump their stockings and go through the goodies. I love getting stuff in my stocking too and Hubby and the kids are really good at shopping for me.

Candy (Walgreens had some chocolate figurines on sale for .29 cents in their ad)
Scotch Tape (if you have a little girl like mine who likes to "invent")
Mini staplers/staples
Super Glue- My Hubby loves Lock Tite
String/Twine (for the handy type guy or the inventing child)
Nail Polish
Nail Files
Sharpies (I asked for sharpies this year)
Mini bottles of lotion and bath gel
Hot Wheels or Match Box cars
Polly Pockets (great use of gently used yard sale purchased dolls- bonus is they come with shoes)
Stockpiled McDonalds toys
Lip Balm (plain flavor non shiny for the guys)
Cartoon Band Aids
Tooth brushes
Nuts (my daughter loves pistachios)
Mini liquor bottles (for the adults only, ahem)
Eye glass repair kit
Homemade Scribble Cookies
Homemade Bean Bags
Cd and Dvds (bonus if thrifted, swapa dvd'd, or garage saled)
Hair Clips and Pony Tail Holders
Aquarium stuff like fish pellets, weekend feeder, or chlorine remover for those who have fish
Plant Food Sticks
Seeds for the gardener
Mini Sewing Kits (even the ones you get at nicer hotels)
Laundry Detergent Samples (great for college students)
Favorite Fruit- My Hubby loves mangoes
Pet Nail Clippers for your animal lover

What else could you put in a stocking? Feel free to comment.


Andrea said...

I like to add an ornament, small piece of sale jewelry for my litte ones, tiny snow globes and some kind of super sale stuffed animal out the top (think a 90% off lamb after Easter or Rudolph from last Christmas). For the adults, a crossword puzzle book is a terrific stuffer. I ove picking up DVDs and CDs from my library sae and it is just 50 cents or a dollar.

jonceramic said...

Not just any loctite superglue - But the fancy expensive gel kind that comes in the special applicator container. After years of buying the 97 cents cheapo tubes, I've found that the $3 ones are so worth it. They have the little grippies on the side. And they stay good in the drawer instead of drying out. (And, they only are halfway used when they seem done, take them apart, roll up the tube a little, and tada - more glue.)

I literally now have a "fix it" spot on the shelf where I pile broken toys and trinkets, then I gleefully fix them all in a burst of gluing supernova energy every few weeks.