Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pantry Challenge: Eat it, Don't move it

Our offer has been accepted and except for the final inspections, it looks like we're getting a new house in a month. So, I have a month in which to try to use up all the food in the house before we have to start moving. I'm still buying milk, eggs, and fresh fruit but I that's about it. We'll still eat out occasionally too. Because we can and because we like it. Today we've had- Scratch blueberry pancakes with banana slices and honey Yogurt Popcorn Apple slices and peanut butter dip Tonight we're having Biscuits and Gravy and orange slices. My next pantry will be half the size of our current one. So, I really want to eat as much as we can from our stores. We'll be eating lots of baked goods since I have so many mixes and flours and frozen fruit purees. Oh darn. If I remember correctly I seem to think that pantry challenge eating is pretty yummy.

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