Sunday, June 6, 2010

Make it do- Pizza

This is my kind of convenience food- frozen balls of scratch pizza dough made into pizza using whatever ingredients I can come up with in my fridge.

Tonight we're having pizza topped with:

A can of tomato sauce with a bit of sugar and spice sprinkled in
1/4 cup of sprinkle Parmesan cheese
Last 2 slices of provolone
1 aging piece of Gouda- grated
1 aging pepper from the crisper (veggie crisper is now officially empty)
1 can of Aldi mushrooms (juice drained and frozen for soup broth)
1 can of olives rummaged from the back of the pantry
Basil leaves from my window plant
Morningstar sausage sprinkles

We're following it up with a Impossibly Easy Cobbler made with Aldi baking mix and a combination of foraged dewberries, frozen blackberries, and salvaged cherries from the fruit bin.
I had no eggs for the pie mix so I used two tbs of soy flour/water combo. It worked.
We have no ice cream but I found a frozen container of Cool Whip leftover from Easter.
How come I'm always so surprised that we can eat this well when I don't go grocery shopping?


Heather said...

P.S....Sorry I spelled your name wrong :( I was just writing to another "Jennie" and I got mixed up.

Heather said...

Jennie, do you make your pizza crust in the bread machine? Can you share your recipe with me? I want to try something new.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Heather, I do make my own dough in the machine. I think it's better after it's frozen too because it's much easier to spread out.
I have to tell you that my Husband and I love the crust but neither one of my kids likes my homemade crust. I guess it's not greasy or crispy enough for them. Sorry, I'm not Pizza Hut. I'll post the recipe for you.

jonceramic said...

It's completely yummy and delicious. This was some of the best pizza and desert ever. Homemade or not. Quick and Easy or not. yum yum yum.

The crust is a non-crispy thin crust. Very good. But, not everyone's style.

That said, the kids hardly eat the regular crust on regular pizza either. Lots of pizza bones for me and the dogs, regardless of the recipe.