Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Year of Cans

Since I decided way back in January to save $1000 to put towards our mortgage, I've been saving aluminum cans. All year. All the cans.
I think we had seven or eight bags living rent free in our garage. Truth be told, I thought we'd have more cans since we tend to drink a lot of soda. Anyway, I don't know how much money I expected to make from my little can hoard but I know it was more than $7.70.
Oh well, at least now I know to just recycle them from now on and save the space.

I haven't tallied up my current savings amount yet because I have a Mom's found money jar that I've been collecting in for months. Anytime I find money laying around the house I put it in my jar. In fact I know there's a nickel on the living room floor that I need to go get. At his point I could have been giving my kids the same allowance money over and over. I was hoping someone would notice all the missing money but no one has. Maybe my goals for next year should be teaching my children to be better stewards of their money and quit the soda habit.
Oh well, off my can to go retrieve that nickel.

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Dwija {House Unseen} said...

HAHAHAHA! Oh my, I do love that you give them the same money over and over. I was afraid I was the only mean mom to do that!