Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IKEA Schmea- Where's my Hefties?

All the time I read these glorious blog posts about the wonders of Ikea's storage systems, occasional free breakfasts, and their clean lined Scandinavian furniture at prices so low they make you want to slap yourself.
My closest IKEA is 300 miles away. And I'm not going to cry about that. Because you know what I don't need? More crap to put my crap in. Plus, I'm not a clean line kind of girl. I'm a vintage tin and thrift store basket kind of girl. (Although the state of my house right now would tell you I'm more of a hoarder with a dash of romance)

Right about now I think the only thing that would make my house prettier is a toss & burn and a quick vacuum.
On the agenda is:

The kitchen table- it was clean last week but you know what they say about flat surfaces.

The couches- more flatish surfaces covered with pillows, blankets, toys, grocery store circulars and a pile of kid's artwork to file.
The floors of the living areas- toys, papers, school stuff, Christmas stuff, Halloween stuff that I unearthed that never got put in the basement last year (I guess I'll get a head start on decorating the mantle), expired coupons, etc etc.
The bookshelf and the floor in front of it- full of books. Too many books. I think I'll paperback swap some and maybe ebay a few others so I can make money for the yearly goal I am woefully behind on.

Time to turn on some music, get out the shovel, and light a match.


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

"Because you know what I don't need? More crap to put my crap in."

Awesome. Totally perfect :)

Heather said...

You know, I bought a couple of IKEA picture frames at a thrift store once, and I thought they were CRAP. So, I don't think you're missing anything :)

I understand your feelings, because the state of my house can only be described as disaster today, but I'm doing my best to accept that this is how things must be right now. It's hard.