Sunday, September 18, 2011

Charitable Panicking

I have several visitors coming in the next few weeks. So, getting my house nice and clean is starting to be a pressing need.

Last week I promised the kids each one new toy from Goodwill if they each donated five toys to the donate bag. I'd been wanting to go to the thrift store to look for some new soccer cleats for Big Girl anyway since she'd outgrown hers. And also I am starting to casually look for a tin bread box as the big bowl I'm using for bread is taking up way too much space in the kitchen. (The prices on ebay and etsy are higher than I want to pay.)
Anway, I didn't allow myself to go thrifting until I had a bag full to donate first. I filled the bag with books, a new pair of Levis I'd been saving to ebay, the kid's toys and other stuff. On the way through the garage I grabbed a bag full of packaged rolls of wallpaper border that I was never going to use. I drove Hubby's car which for months has housed a full box of old vegetarian cookbooks that we were planning on selling at a bookstore downtown. I made a last minute decision to just donate the box and get it out of his car. I know I could and probably should make money from our old cast offs. But, I need it gone now more than I need to try to sell it.

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