Monday, August 22, 2011

I need to stay out of Target

I had coupons today- Target coupons combined with manufacturer coupons for stuff we will use. I had a valid reason to be there. We needed stuff, alright?!?
Ok, I could have lived without that new baby sleeper that was so totally cute for $4 on the clearance rack that I bought for a friend's new baby. But, that at least is leaving my house soon.

Trying to declutter and stop buying stuff is easy if I'm at home (and it helps a lot if I'm also asleep).
But, walking through housewares in a store with cute stuff that I don't need makes me feel like the only fat girl at the swimming pool. And my bathing suit has a hole in it.

Buying all that new stuff (like the zebra print sheets for Big Girl) would buy me momentary happiness but soon it would just be one more thing I needed to wash, take care of, put away, etc. One more thing taking up space in an already full closet. And we don't need it as much as we do the $20 it would have cost. Yeah, I'd much rather have a tidy pile of money.
I didn't particularly care for Fight Club but this Tyler Durden quote sticks with me:
"The things you own, they end up owning you."


Dilem*mama said...

"Trying to declutter and stop buying stuff is easy if I'm at home (and it helps a lot if I'm also asleep)."

LOL!!! SO true!!!

lizzie said...

I almost never go to Target and when I do I spend a bunch of money and am never really happy with what I have bought...................why is that. I hate all those bags when I get home and stuff them under the sink.
I plan to have a whole year without going into any big box store.

Jill said...

I find whenever I go to Target with or without a list I always spend more! What is that about? Ever think that maybe we are the "target"?

Love the "Fat girl in the pool with a hole in the suit". Actually made me belly laugh.