Thursday, August 18, 2011

About That Scorching of the Earth Thing

Apparently serious decluttering is a slow process for me. Since the last time I posted I:

Made $40 on kid's clothes at a resale shop
Donated three trash bags of clothes and purses and a tacky Taz Christmas decoration.
Cleaned off the kitchen table and filled the trash can and recycling can at the same time
Started another tub for the resale shop, boxes to post on Thred Up, and a bag for donation

I still have so much to do but I'm trying not to stress. I've got a lot to do and it's going to take a long time to do it. Giving up on being one of those people who stock piles for later is going to be hard. But, do you know what? I can't keep a tidy house that way. I am not organized enough.

So, I'm still working on the scorching thing but my blow torch is tiny and my time line is big.
Every bit counts, right?

On a frugal note- I've made a conscious effort to cook at home and to keep my shopping to a minimum.

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