Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 1: Pride or 7 Great Things About Myself

I'm totally stealing borrowing this meme from Year One (who got it from here).

Normally I'm the type of person who focuses on and frets about my failings. But, for a little change I'm going to do the opposite and list 7 things I actually like about myself.

1. I'm friendly. My first instinct is always to enter into any interpersonal interaction with a smile on my face. Life is hard enough without being grouchy to your fellow humans.

2. I'm easy to please. (No arguments from the Husband allowed ** Remember those cheap dates we used to have with 25 cent soda and a 50 cent loaf of french bread?)

3. I don't care about the latest greatest thing. I don't really want an IPhonePadBerry. I have a basic cell phone with a cheap plan. Done.

4. The Meek are my people. The world can have the movers and the shakers. I'll take the babies and the shelter pets.

5. I'm funny. Ok, so this blog isn't funny. In fact, I'm not good at being funny by myself. But, I can quip with the best of them.

6. I'm not a snob. Girlfriend, my purse was a "free with purchase" and my shirt came off a clearance rack more than ten years ago. And I am cool with that. I know where all the good thrift and second hand stores are around here. Let's go shopping!

7. I am a work in progress. There are always things I need to work on with myself. I do get discouraged but I don't give up. There's always time to start (or finish) being awesome.


Anonymous said...

great post! i am a stay at home mom and sometimes forget that I have great qualities also

Salina said...

I just have to say awesome post and dear is it true what you say about your self.... Now Foods