Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Angel Food Ministries
I made my first Angel Food Ministries purchase yesterday. The main reason I haven't bothered to order before is because the main food boxes are pretty heavy on raw meat. Now they have an assortment of boxes so I picked three that were heavy on fruits and vegetables and had canned meat products that I can easily donate. I don't know that I'm saving money but I won't have to buy fruit or veg for a while after I pick up our boxes.

What's On My Mind
I don't very often feel lack. Sure there are times when I feel stifled by our careful spending. Sometimes I want to spend a lot of money on a nice pair or shoes or a purse. Sometimes I want to have my car repainted so the scratches and dings don't show. Sometimes I want to consider a trip to Disneyland without thinking about cheap air fare and free hotel nights. But those times are pretty rare.
Being poor has been on my mind a lot lately. How much could I learn from someone who truly has a hand to mouth existence? What am I leaving out in an effort to be frugal? I'm sure that my online shopping would be in sharp decline. How much extra money would we be able to send towards reducing our mortgage debt?
Along with that I've been thinking about going back into the work force. For this Mama who has been out of work taking care of kiddos for ten years attempting to enter the working world in a recession is more than scary. But I've having that nagging feeling more and more lately that I'm not pulling my weight and I am beginning to feel obsolete. Thinking about putting my kids in day care doesn't help. I would be spending more on day care than I would make most likely.

Two New Blogs I've Been Enjoying

I am the Working Poor

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I am the working poor. said...

Thank you for the link. :)

It's your careful spending that has enabled you to be a stay at home mom. When you're feeling stifled just remember it was all definitely worth it. I raised my three children working the entire time. I had to. If I would have had a choice I would have been home with them. You can't bring that time back.