Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside (and inside)

Normally my husband is the one who's the big money saver around here. But, not when it comes to our heating bill.

I finally stopped turning the thermostat down to 67 because every time I did he would complain, tell me I was crazy for freezing us to death to save a few bucks, and turn it back to 72. I don't know. It's pretty cold in here since it's hanging around the teens outside. My feet are cold.
The kids don't seem to notice either way. I guess running around like a crazy monkey helps.
But, I have this idea that the colder it is outside, the easier it is to feel warm inside with a lower temperature. See, 60 degrees in our house right now would feel like a heat wave compared to what's outside.
So, I'm gonna go fiddle with the thermostat. Honey, you were warned.
Pardon me while I go find my fuzzy socks and make a mug of tea.

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Donna Freedman said...

Wool socks and long johns (the bottom half, at least). I found mine at the thrift store.
Seriously: Get in the habit of wearing at least one long-john layer and you'll be a lot more comfortable. They even make silk ones (although you're more likely to find polypro or cotton thermals at the thrift shop).
I lived in Alaska for 17 years, so I can also say that tea is a swell idea.