Friday, January 14, 2011

What's On the Menu- Or How I Shopped A Lot This Week

I normally like to do one normal grocery shop a week. But Monday I had to run to Walmart because we were out of something that we can only get there. So, I did my normal grocery shopping. Then Thursday was $10 off of $50 day at Shop N Save and I need to pick up my prescriptions anyway so I shopped again and bought some sale stuff and stocked up on veggie meat supplies. And then today I needed to go back to Walmart because I forgot the cat food on Monday and also I bought more milk and eggs because we were running low. Add that I was hungry because I hadn't had breakfast and before you know it I had extra food in the cart.
So, I've spent way more than I intended this week on groceries.
The bonus is that we're stocked up for a long time and we have plenty on hand to make meals.

It's not inspired but here's what we've eaten this week:

Monday- Vegetable pot pie with fresh orange cinnamon bread

Tuesday- Mac N Cheese with cut up hot dogs and broccoli

Wednesday- Cheddar and Mushroom quiche (made crustless w/baking mix), cabbage, and canned whole berry cranberry sauce (from a 15 cent mystery can my Mom gave me)
I made cranberry pecan bread with the leftover sauce.

Thursday- Daddy's away on a business trip and the kid's requested frozen pizza. I bought a cheese Red Baron on sale and put olives and veggie peperoni on it.

Friday- Pigs in a Blanket (made w/ Yves smart dogs) and a vegetable side dish.

Saturday- We usually end up eating leftovers or Taco Bell for lunch depending on what we're doing that day. But, we do have some leftovers to eat up this weekend.

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