Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pizza Crust and Online Shopping for Childrens Clothes

We're having pizza for dinner. Lately every time the kids hear that we're having homemade pizza they start groaning and complaining. Meanwhile, Hubby and I love my pizza.
I decided to try another pizza crust recipe. This one is a bread machine Pizza Hut knock off. Since my daughter loves Pizza Hut, maybe this will finally win her over.
Our normal pizza dough machine recipe is perfectly fine though and more pantry friendly.

For toppings we have:
Hunt's Canned Sauce (standard $1 a can- will have leftovers)
Mozzarella (Aldi)
Mushrooms (produce clearance for .69 cents)
Sunflower seeds (seems weird but really good)
Feta cheese (on sale for $1)
Tomato Slices (leftover from last night)
Veggie Pepperoni (need to use up soon)

**update- The pizza hut crust was deemed delicious by me and Hubby and better than normal by my kiddos. The only downside is the lengthy cooking time for the crust. Next time I will cook it on a normal pizza pan.

Children's Place is having a clearance sale on select clothing items. Most of what I found online were smaller childrens clothes (12m - 3t) but I did manage to find a few things to buy. I bought two t shirts for my niece's birthdays in May and a fall outfit for Big Girl.
My total after shipping and taxes for three shirts and one pair of pants was $22.91. This is after I used a coupon code (check retailmenot.com) for 15% off any purchase. I also went through ebates.com. That saved me another 3%. (And I used my Discover card for 1% cash back). That brings my total for each item somewhere around $5.50).

Of course, considering that my Mom hit the motherlode with a stop at a thrift store that was having 25 cent sale on all clothes when she was on the way to my house- $5.50 per item seems outrageous. I think that if I only relied on my Mom's occasional second hand shopping to dress my kids, I probably would only have to buy soccer cleats and shin guards. She found a nice thick winter coat from Old Navy for Little Guy for $1. And it still had the hood attached. I spent $2 on a similar coat minus the hood for him at another thrift store on the sale rack. I think I'll sell the one I bought at our next garage sale and keep the one my Mom bought.

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