Friday, January 28, 2011

Live Like No One Else So I Can Live Like No One Else

Most of the time I am pretty content with our lifestyle and the way we shop- i.e. clearance racks and thrift stores. Most of the time I don't worry about what other people buy and where they shop.
But, then some of the time I feel like I don't have good stuff. I don't shop well like some of my peer group. I should spend money on luxuries so we have nicer stuff. I am fairly impressionable at times.

So, today when two of my Mom buddies were chatting about buying good clothing at a local boutique (more expensive than Hanna Andersson for example) or going to Pottery Barn Kids store to redo a 4 year olds room, I didn't have much to impart. The fanciest thing I've bought lately is a no frills clearance rain coat from Lands End for my daughter because I couldn't find one second hand.
Then I started thinking maybe my kids need better clothing and decor. Maybe I should try harder than just making sure that their clothes don't clash or have visible stain or holes. Maybe I am being too cheap and I should spend more on their bedroom furnishings than I have.

So I came home and did some online shopping. But, I couldn't make myself spend $40 on a summer play dress for Big Girl. Plus, we don't really need anything. My Mom just bought the kids a ton of clothes and I just bought Big Girl a new outfit. I did spring for a Strasburg skirt from ebay for Easter. I think that took care of my urge.

I just needed to be reminded that what we have is good enough and we aren't living to impress anyone. I'd rather be mortgage free than have a fabulous home and wardrobe.

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lunabelle said...

"making sure that their clothes don't clash or have visible stain or holes."

Uh, no. That *is* all you need to do. They are children. The longer you don't pay attention to the labels on their clothing, the longer they won't pay attention. There will come the day when "designer" becomes something they want, but you don't have to think about it until then.

Your boy's room is adorable. And I've never been impressed with the quality of Pottery Barn.