Monday, September 1, 2008

Big Boy's Bedroom Makeover.

Last month we gave away all of our baby furniture and bedding. The loss of the crib left a big hole in Little Guy's room. And it was time anyway to update his room.
I found him the striped comforter and pillowcases at Goodwill. I gave them a good wash and put them on his bed. The comforter is reversible too.

I found this white and black hutch at Goodwill on sale for $37.00. It had sticky black splotches but it came clean with some soft scrub and elbow grease. I decorated some discolored areas with leftover dinosaur stickers. My Mom brought him the framed dinosaur stamps yesterday. I bought him the red Sheriff nightlight and wall hanger at Goodwill for .99 apiece. They were still in their packaging. The Peter Pan doll came from a doll store in Italy by the Piazza Navona. If you flip it over it becomes Captain Hook.

I didn't really need this big Teddy Bear with the red and white bow. But, he looked so cute and he matched the room. So, I pulled him out of the stuffed animal bin (with his tags still attached- Gund) for $3.00

I need to hang his curtain (a dark blue valance with dino footprints- Kmart clearance) and his sheriff hanger and I'm done. All his 'new' decor cost less than $70.00. Now his Big Sister wants me to help red0 her room.

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Heather said...

Very cute! What a bargain on the hutch, and it was a good idea to use the dinosaur stickers to cover the discolored areas. I love how you've taken frugal finds and pulled them all together! My favorite kind of makeover :)