Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feeling that Christmassy Feeling.

I have many chores left undone and cookies yet to bake and gifts yet to be delivered.

Yet, I'm smiling because dinner is pretty much done. I'm about caught up on laundry.
My husband is on his way home. My kids are healthy. I'm healthy. All my shopping is done. Most of my wrapping is done. My kids have been pretty well behaved and very loving lately.
And there's only one more day of school and work until Christmas vacation.
All that other stuff will get done. And I'll probably be listening to Christmas music while I do 'em.

Tonight I'm going to be working on:
Making candy out of pretzels and peppermint chips.
Making cookies out of Almond Crescent dough I have in the fridge.
Cleaning the stinky mouse cage
Putting away more laundry.

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