Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making Merry Despite It All

I finally got a call today declaring that I do indeed have an adopted Christmas family to shop for. The drop off is in less than a week.
I ignored those initial feelings of being put upon at such a late date. I signed up for this after all. So I put on my shoes, packed my jacket with tissues, and set out to shop for my adopted family.

I spent $88 on food at Aldi to round out what I'd already stock piled. It adds up so fast. I never spend that much on ourselves at Aldi. But, this food is supposed to last for two weeks and I have to shop with the impression of an empty pantry. I also bought a winter coat for the three year old on the family list.

Now, this past week I have been the definition of dumpy. I wear a pair of sweats daily. My face has not seen make up since last Monday. I don't want to put lipstick on these cracked and chapped lips. And I really need to visit my hairdresser for a color and a cut. My hair is a sad mess being kept only slightly in check by both a barrette and a ponytail. So, in essence I'm not exactly feeling pretty lately.

That didn't help when I lumbered into the very packed toy aisle of Target (at 1 pm on a Tuesday, people!) looking for a tonka truck for my "adopted" 3 year old. Every single one of the women there had on makeup, had their hair done up, were wearing nice coats, and had a snarl of entitlement and grouch on their face. They looked good but they acted bad. Pretty much my opposite today. I kept my chin up even though it was hard. I picked out a nice little Tonka dump truck for his toy.

That is my last holiday purchase of 2010. I will let myself off the hook and declare what I have bought as enough.

The house is an ultra disaster after a week of barely doing anything other than coughing, wheezing, groaning and moving from the couch to the bed. I'm trying to ignore it. It will get done eventually when I have more time and feel better.

I've got beer bread in the oven and a package of soup that just needs the addition of water. Dinner is taken care of.

My Mom will be here tomorrow and things are looking up.

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