Sunday, December 5, 2010

Limping But Going Nonetheless

Sometimes things just need to be done.

Fed and watered the dog. Timed it an it took less than a minute for both.

Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. The sink was full of nastiness. No longer.

Folded the cold and forgotten load of laundry in the dryer and found another day of reprieve from naked children. There were outfits for both of them to wear tomorrow included in the pile.
Gathered all dirties from the downstairs and did that load. Hubby's in luck. He now has a few pairs of clean socks for work this week. Wondering why so many of Hubby's dirty socks ended up downstairs?

Had Little Guy help me spread out the quilt under the tree for a skirt.
Wrapped two Christmas presents and stuck them under the tree.

Looked up a recipe for Sweet Potato Pie because I have a lot of sweet potatoes to use up. I think I'll make one to eat and one to freeze for Christmas. Do I bake them before or after I freeze them?

For Dinner Hubby's reheating Egg Foo Young leftovers from our lunch out yesterday. I felt good for a few hours and really wanted to get out of the house and enjoy a hot bowl of soup.

Yesterday we also took care of getting that Brownie exchange ornament at Cracker Barrel yesterday since it was next door to the Chinese restaurant we ate lunch at. We found a pretty one on the 40% rack for $1.74 and had it wrapped there. It's much nicer than I could have done myself.

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