Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Spendy Up in Here

Wowee Wow Wow. Our Discover card bill is $6,000 this month. Ouch. About half of that is two trips to the mechanic for both of ours to have routine maintenance/tires and Hubby's work expenses that he gets reimbursed for. The rest is mostly free spending and willy nilly dinners/lunches out.
We'll pay it off this month but Ouch.
The one good thing is that I have managed to scramble together a lot of gift cards for Christmas presents from our cash back rewards. I have only three kids presents left to buy for Christmas.
Looking for a fresh start sometime soon. I'm also waiting for our mortgage bill to come in the mail so I can see the drop our recent 10 G payment made in our balance. I keep forgetting how badly I want to get the mortgage monkey off of our back. Maybe I should tape the mortgage balance on my credit card so I see what is really important to me before I swipe my card.

Off to rescue what's left of this day.

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