Saturday, August 14, 2010

What I'm Thinking About

Last week was vacation and next week is back to school time. This week has me in a chaotic flux where I don't know if I'm coming or going but hoping to get there soon.

Like the start of the year, school starting has me thinking of getting organized and having a routine. When the school bus pulls away this year I will have many hours alone to do much needed decluttering and cleaning. Little Guy is going to be in preschool many more hours this year and while I will miss him terribly, I am looking forward to getting on the ball and tacking chores without distraction. The days that I have him to myself will be even more rewarding for both of us. He's still my little snuggle bug.

I'm thinking of making this write on/wipe off menu board for my kitchen using things I already have around the house. Also, the recipe she lists for Ski Country Pasta sounds awesome (with some veggie bacon).

The no purchased clothes shopping compact hasn't been a 100% success. But, I have reduced the amount of clothing coming into our house by at least 50% (probably better). Big Girl picked out a few new things for school and we went through her clothes. She has about a week and a half worth of new clothes for Second grade (gulp!). When did I become the mom of a Second Grader? Seems like yesterday she was sitting in her high chair and happily growling at her food.
Now she's reading, writing, losing teeth and riding a bike without training wheels!
I purchased a new pair of exercise shorts on clearance today. My zumba sweats are getting embarrassingly baggy and stretched out.

My diet is on stall right now but I am carrying on and haven't given up. I am looking into joining another zumba class because I realize that I enjoy zumba more than I do dieting. I do feel better physically.

My garden is virtually dead because I gave up on watering it. The heat here is a killer.
I am seriously considering doing the 6 items of Clothing per Month challenge. I tend to wear the same things over and over anyway. I already know my uniform is a t-shirt (v neck or boatneck) and capri pants. I would need to add a cotton skirt and my work out clothes and I'd be good to go. Because of my diet/exercise routine (stalled but not over) and clothing compact I have been slowly weeding baggy and unloved clothing from my personal stash. Doing this challenge would inspire me to do even more. I could use more closet space.

That's about it.

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