Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back To School Slog

It's been crazy around here. This morning I finally finished filling out the mountain of paperwork for the kids schools.

I just signed both kids up for after school activities and tonight we're looking into joining Girl Scouts. Needless to say, I've been more chauffeur lately than frugal blogger.

I did hit a great bread thrift store yesterday with a rack of 79 and 99 cent bread and sweets. I put a couple loaves in our freezer. My Mom, the kids, and I hit up garage sales on Saturday. I didn't buy much but I lucked out with a giant DK/Merriam Webster's Kid Dictionary that Big Girl has been wanting. We paid a dollar for it. Dinner at home has become more of a priority too. Last night I made lasagna and garlic bread (with thrift store texas toast).

I joined two more zumba classes. The diet isn't going so great. But, I plan to keep on exercising. I may not lose weight but I know my health will improve. I can tell that my endurance is better.

My Mom is here visiting and we're rewatching Frontier House so she can see it.

Other than a date night this weekend, not much is going on.

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