Friday, July 2, 2010

Ready To Fling

So, I've been trying to keep the downstairs clean.

The dishes are done daily. The trash and recycling are taken out frequently. The bathroom gets scrubbed a few times a week. I sweep or vacuum and pick up toys every two or three days. But, my house is still not pretty.

We have too much stuff! I can't organize or clean clutter to make it pretty. I'm ready for a fire sale.
And as much as Hubby would like to believe it- it's not just toys and "Jenny stuff". I see piles of electronics and video game equipment that desperately need to be put out of sight.

I'm ready for that garage sale. Everything must go.


twelvedaysold said...

Video game equipment??? Why do you have to be so far away from me?

jonceramic said...

Baby. Clear out the videos in the drawers directly underneath the TV. And we'll have space for a ton of the video game detritous that looks out of place.

(I think we should garage sale the Jumpstart thingy. They have the iMac and the poptropica sites and the Wii and the DVD reader thing and all the plug-in games already.)

I'll fling what I can from the left wicker drawer above the dreamcast drawer. Still not sure how to hide the rock band stuff properly.

p.s. Frugal tip for parents wanting educational games for kids. 1. Buy a G3 iMac off Craigslist or eBay. Probably $50 or less. 2. Go to any thrift store and buy tons of old MacOS8/9 compatible kids learning games. All of the Reader Rabiit and JumpStart and other expensive learning games are just sitting there for 50 cents or a buck.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

So, video games trump videos?