Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am the Master of My Bedroom.


Finances finally in order, bedroom measured, and furniture picked out. Hubby and I put in our order today for our new bedroom set. I am so excited!

Instead of:

My small, white girl's dresser
Hubby's broken 70's dresser
Lumpy bed frame and box springs (no headboard)
Small boxy tv (which I am fine with btw)
Small plant stands that I bought to use as night stands on

We will have:

A wooden bed frame with storage for Hubby & a beautiful headboard
An electronics console/dresser to put our dvd/vcr and Hubby's electronics and video equipment)
Large flat screen tv (Hubby's dream)
A large chest for me with lots of drawers and a large mirror.
A night stand with built in outlets

Our bedroom has no decoration at all. We haven't hung the pictures, shelving, or curtains that I bought for it four years ago. Our bed doesn't even have a dust ruffle on it. It has truly been our last priority in decorating our house. I'm looking forward to actually turning my own room into the haven we need it to be. This week we'll be working on moving stuff out, hanging our decorations/curtains, and deep cleaning before our new stuff comes in.

It's been a long wait in finding what we wanted, deciding to actually purchase, and getting the money together. I am so excited!

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Rhonda said...

good for you! I would be excite too.
and you know we want to see pictures when you get it all set up.