Monday, June 28, 2010

Lovely Day

My little girl is a collector of all pretty rocks and shells. When I got tired of stepping on them and collecting them in the house I put them in a pile in the flower garden. She still gets to enjoy them and they are out of my way. Today they decided to color them with their chalk.

I haven't gotten anything frugal or homemakery done today at all. The house is awash in toy piles from the past two day of hard playing. The kids are happily munching on the last two bananas while they watch a video. I have no idea what's for dinner but I suspect it might be Taco Bell. I got a pedicure today and tonight I'm signing up for zumba classes with a friend. I'm feeling like quite the princess and am quite happy with it today. Tomorrow I'll return to my normally scheduled programming.

I guess I need to disclose that I bought new sports bras for my zumba class. Back to the clothing compact.

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Heather said...

You aren't blogging to no one...I read your blog! :)

I rarely get many comments either and have neglected my blog a lot more than before. After I'm back up and at them more I look forward to getting back to posting pictures and canning this summer...loved that part of my blog last year!

I agree that my blog is a lot like a running note to myself. And I know I have family and friends who read it but never comment...and a few others who do sometimes. I so enjoy reading blogs, even when I don't comment and that includes yours!