Monday, May 10, 2010

Chloe's Last Day & Pet Adoption

Chloe has hung on through the whole weekend. But she cried all night long. Hubby slept on the floor next to her last night. I made an appointment for her today.

I tend to make rash and impulsive decisions when I'm upset. And lately the only thing I could think of to fix this pain was another cat. So, on Saturday I took Big Girl to Petco just to see if there was a pet adoption going on. The short story is that now we are foster/adopting a 6 year old calico named Sarah. I brought her home Saturday. She seems really good natured and I think we'll end up keeping her. The timing is so bad I know but there is a tiny spot of joy in all of this sadness.

Going to go pet my sick kitty for a few minutes.


jonceramic said...

Love you, sweety. Hope the new kitty came out more last night.

Ruthie said...

I always feel like as soon as a spot in your home (and heart) opens up, it's a animal lovers responsibility to keep another pet from getting put down in the shelter.